All things Margaret, GDC Home’s bedding buyer.

What started out as a blog to talk about Bedding with Margaret our bedding buyer, quickly turned into the life of Margaret. She let me into her SOOOOO cute house!!!

Now, when I say cute I mean the most beautiful, tiny, aqua cottage tucked at the end of one of Charleston’s most charming alleys.

While small in actual space its filled to the brim with sentiment. As we talked about the space I soon come to realize everything has a story. The gold paintings were done by her mom, the coffee table made by her dad. The white, slipcovered chairs lovingly handed down to her by her friend and former tenant. Note this cottage has been in the GDC family for over 20 years!!
You can feel the warmth as soon as you step inside. To call it cozy would be selling it short.

So while only half a person can fit in her kitchen (good thing she’s tiny) she still manages to throw a good dinner party. I tried to get her to tell me her favorite wine but she could only claim she’ll drink whatever is at the gas station. If you’re invited over you may want to BYOW.

As this was supposed to be a bedding post lets get down to it. Don’t ask me how she got it in there but she’s sleeping in style with a four poster bed. With no central AC in the house and only a small window unit, light and airy is the theme. She ditched the down comforter for the summer and sleeps under this coral stitched quilt. Add a 100 pillows and… voila!! Here are a few of Margaret’s bedding picks. Remember the bedding sale is going on now at GDC Home!

  • There's nothing like a simple stripe.

  • Always in style!

  • Add a little pattern interest.

  • A punch of color if you like.

  • Or keep it soft and neutral with these linens.

Thanks Margaret for letting me invade your home and pick your brain for the day. If you see Margaret around the store feel free to get her advise on bedding but don’t ask about wine…she’s got nothing!

  • Margaret Creason, bedding buyer extraordinaire!

  • All the bedding in this post available at GDC Home.