Tips For Styling An Ottoman 

Living room ottoman

The perfect place to rest your feet after a long day, ottomans can also be used as a handy coffee table, a place to rest a drinks tray, or an extra seat when you have guests over. Getting creative with styling your ottomans can really pull together a room with unique touches that feel personal. Give these ideas a try with your ottoman at home and you’ll never see it as an average footstool again.

Decorative Tray

Set Up A Decorative Tray 

One of the simplest ways to style an ottoman is to place a serving tray in the center to act as an anchor for accent pieces. Trays are often used for entertaining and holdingn drinks, but they work equally well to display stylish accessories on your ottoman. Get creative and use them to hold candles, small sculptural works of art, trinket dishes and coasters.

Style Your Favorite Coffee Table Books

If you’re using your ottoman as a coffee table, consider stacking up some of your favorite large books on top. Whether your interests lie in architecture, far-flung travel destinations, or portrait photography, this is the perfect place to put your personality on display for guests. Coffee table books look beautiful, add an air of gravitas to your living room, and provide something for guests to look through should they like.

Coffee table books
throw blanket

Add A Cozy Throw

In the winter, there is no such thing as too many throws. Pick a throw that complements the other furnishings in your space while adding another level of texture that ties in with your decor. Velvet, cashmere, or fleece throws are particularly luxurious in the colder months. If you have an ottoman with storage inside, you can fold up your throw in the summer and store it inside.

Create A Personal Vignette  

Just like a miniature table, your ottoman can be used to create a focal point that speaks to your style. Gather meaningful items like family photographs, a vase filled with flowers, and your favorite candle and arrange them on your ottoman in a small grouping. While you should aim to coordinate the color palette of your objects with your room, we recommend bringing in new textures and shapes to add interest.

Clean White Living Room

Add Greenery

Finally, there should always be something organic in every room and an ottoman is the perfect place to set a plant or vase of flowers. You can use fresh blooms, or if you don’t fancy changing them frequently, try a bouquet of dried hydrangeas or a houseplant that doesn’t need to be watered often. Plants not only add a live element to your space, but they are good for the air quality in your room.

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Footrest, coffee table, side table, drinks holder – ottomans are the perfect do-it-all piece of furniture. Styling yours will not only help you make better use out of your ottoman, but will add to the ambiance of the room. Whatever you need it to be, styling an ottoman like a pro with these tips will have it looking amazing in no time.

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