Tips for Creating a Mindful Living Space for 2022

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When you live in the same place for a long time, it can be easy to take the decorations and layout of your living space for granted. If your rooms are starting to feel uninspiring, the start of this year is the perfect time for a facelift. You should experience joy every time you enter your home – and we’re here to help you feel this way. As you spruce your living space, try to keep the following tips in mind so that your home will not only appeal to the eye but also make you feel more mindful every time you’re in it.

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Organize Your Space

A cluttered space is not only unsightly, it can have a negative impact on productivity and mental health. Don’t let accumulated belongings take over your living room or workspace. Consider adding functional storage cabinets like the Elixir Buffet or baskets, like our Georgia Baskets to put things in. Hanging items like jackets and backpacks up on a wall hook is another way to free up space on floors and in closets. Plus, it makes them easy to find when you need them.

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Soothing Colors 

Colors can have a strong impact on your mood, which is why it’s essential to choose ones that are relaxing and welcoming, rather than overly stimulating. For example, red can actually cause your stress levels to rise, so should be used sparingly. Blue, on the other hand, can have the opposite effect as it is naturally relaxing. Shades of green, white, and gray are also very calming, which is why so many people use these colors in their wall coverings, upholstery, rugs, and art collections.

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Soft Lighting

Lighting can have a powerful impact on your emotional well-being, and if you’re trying to create a calming ambiance in your living space, we recommend making use of certain lighting tricks. Where possible, you should always emphasize natural light using sheer curtains or window shades to let the sunlight fill your room. When it comes to light sources, trade-in fixtures with exposed bulbs for lamps like our Basketweave Table Lamp, which diffuses the harsh glare of a lightbulb to create a more intimate atmosphere.

Natural Decor

Natural Elements  

Nothing is more soothing than nature. Incorporating organic elements into your living space—plants, rocks, wooden floors, etc.—can instantly create a more harmonious feeling in your home. A subtle way of incorporating nature into your decor is to use organic fiber rugs made from seagrass or jute. If you live in a coastal area, like we do in Charleston, you can add some natural coastal accents like our Margate Mirror featuring a hand-applied oyster-shell panel to bring the outside in.

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Calming Scents

Certain scents—like lavender—have been shown to help promote relaxation, so consider diffusing them throughout the rooms of your home. You can incorporate scents through candles, room sprays, and fabric detergents. Choosing scents that you personally love as they will help your mind relax as soon as you enter the door.

Creating a Mindful Space with GDC Home

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day business of living and forget to take time to appreciate the peace that comes from slowing down. We spend most of our lives in our homes, so take your time finding furniture, decor, and accents that fit your lifestyle. For help with creating an intentional, mindful home environment, stop by one of our Charleston furniture stores today. Our team of interior designers can make suggestions to help you create a space that will refresh your outlook for 2022.

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