Thanksgiving WEEK sale!

Beat the Black Friday mess and shop all WEEK at GDC Home to save. All clearance merchandise will be an additional 30% off and everything else in stock will be 20% off.

Get a jump on your holiday shopping with so many great gift ideas. Here a few of our favorites.

These smaller marble cheese boards and spreaders are where the action is. I spend most of the holiday hunched over these bad boys wherever I end up.


Pair it with this from Goat.Sheep.Cow and you win!

This is a great host gift. Get started a little early on these so they are sprouting when you gift them. Force some paper whites in Canton ware for an elegant, classic look.


Want to make laundry a little more fun? Try this line from The Laundress guaranteed to bring good feelings back to the dirty laundry pile. I’m not sure who this is appropriate to give to but for the record I would like a whole basket full so I can try everything!

under $20

It’s go to be personal and its got to be relevant, but books are always a good idea. They can be as simple as a child’s classic or as indulgent as a limited edition…anything.   I think its fun to write a little note on the inside.

Each store has fun and unique gifts for everyone, we hope you stop by all three.

From all of us here at GDC we wish you a happy Thanksgiving!