How to Transition Your Home Decor From Summer to Fall


When it comes to transitioning into the fall season, think of your home decor in the same way you think of your clothing. Now is the time to put away the crisp white linen in exchange for richer hues and thicker materials. Like every season, autumn brings a fresh start and we love the opportunities it provides to switch up our home decor. As with your favorite sweaters, your fall home decor should make you feel warm and cozy all the time. 

Here are a few simple tips to create the fall home transformation you’ve been dreaming of.

Swap Your Rugs

Natural fiber and cotton rugs are perfect in the summer when you want to keep your environment light and airy, but in the fall, there is nothing better than a thick rug you can sink your toes into. With vintage charm, a plush Persian or Moroccan rug with deep colors and ornate patterns can add an immediate sense of warmth and texture to your space. As rugs are the anchor to the rest of your room, it makes sense to switch them out when you are doing a seasonal refresh. Let your rug be a starting point as you add fall accents around your space.

Update Your Throw Pillows

Follow the same principles when it comes to your throw pillows. Bright patterns and colors are out; autumnal colors like burnt orange, olive green, and deep burgundy are in. Your fall throw pillows should be easy on the eyes and soft to the touch. Velvet, wool, or knit pillows bring a dose of comfort that will make your home feel hygge.  

Embrace Fall Foliage

As in summer, bring the outside in with foliage that reflects the season. This time of year, you might consider arrangements of mums, dried flowers, berry branches, pumpkins, and gourds. You can also incorporate pinecones, nuts, apples, and pears on centerpieces and in decorative dishes to add another autumnal touch. If you have a fireplace, consider stacking some wood in or next to it to create a cozy look and scent – even if you don’t plan to ever light the fire.

Bundle Up in Cozy Throws

The goal for every room should be to feel more cohesively snug. A simple way to do this is to add throw blankets to chairs, sofas, and beds. Not only does a cashmere or wool blanket provide extra warmth, but it looks inviting. Again, we’d opt for earthy tones and patterns inspired by the changing leaves. A traditional plaid or a warm neutral can also bring the fall feels to your space.


Switch Out Your Bedding

While your common areas might be top of the list in terms of fall decorating, don’t forget about your bedroom! Feeling cozy and autumnal from the moment you wake up should be a priority. Start by swapping out your lightweight, airy bedding for a cozy, thicker comforter or duvet that will keep you warm through the winter. You can also switch out your throw pillows and add a thick knitted blanket on your bed.

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