How to Create Flow Between Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Perfecting Your Outdoor Space

As the weather warms up (and the pollen dies down), we’re focused on creating a state of flow between indoor and outdoor spaces to make the most of both. Enjoying the fresh air is best accomplished when your patios and porches are decorated to your liking. If you plan to entertain this summer, now is the perfect time to spruce up your exteriors and impress your guests. Achieving a seamless divide between the inside and outside can be as simple as making a few small tweaks.

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Keep Furniture Style Consistent 

When designing your patio, pretend that it is an extension of your living room, with the same types of furniture and colors you would find inside your home. Utilizing furniture with clean lines and organic materials like wicker and rattan will tie your spaces together without any drastic changes.

For example, if you have wicker furniture outside like the Sag Harbor High Back Lounge Chair, the addition of a woven accent piece inside, like the Willow Chandelier can create subtle cohesion. You can also use outdoor-indoor furniture accents in both spaces, like the Brinnon Garden Stool, which comes in teal and white. 


Use Glass and Mirrors

If you are in the process of building your home, you might consider adding large windows or glass doors onto your back patio to let as much light and greenery peek into your home as possible. Pocket or accordion doors are very popular to allow a free flow between the indoors and outdoors. You could also add a skylight in your living room if the space allows.

On a smaller scale, you can place a large mirror, like our gorgeous artisan Margate Mirror so that it faces a window to allow the outdoors to reflect inside. A mirror also has the added benefit of opening up a space and making it appear larger. Browse our selection of mirrors in-person at our Charleston furniture stores, or visit our website.


Match the Upholstery

From the draperies to the sofas, let your upholstery serve as the link between your spaces. Either through the usage of complementary colors or matching patterns, you can achieve symmetry between the outside and inside so that everything in your sightline is harmonious.

We have plenty of performance fabrics that are designed for outdoor use at our Charleston furniture stores, so stop by to choose the perfect pairings for your outdoor and indoor spaces.

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Bring Greenery Inside 

Break down the barriers between your living room and patio by bringing the elements of nature indoors. By embracing concepts of biophilic design with an emphasis on plants and organic elements, your space will feel refreshed and ready for summer.

Consider plants that are already growing in your garden to maximize a sense of continuity, or reference the great outdoors through artwork and vignettes. For example, if your home overlooks a marsh, celebrate the view with a gorgeous painting of a sunset over the water.

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Place Patio Furniture Closer to the Door
Sometimes a little rearranging can offer an entirely new perspective. Walking a long distance from your kitchen to your outdoor dining table will prove to be a hassle over time and make your outdoor space feel isolated from the rest of the home.

Instead, move the grill, table, and sofa slightly closer to the house so that everything is in sight from your living room. Attractive and comfortable patio furniture, like the Jupiter Sofa is an inviting choice that will make you want to drink your coffee outside every morning.

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