5 Ways to Style a Colorful Sofa

Colorful Couch

While neutral-toned sofas are versatile and sleek, colorful sofas are on the rise as people realize how fun they can be as the centerpiece of a living room. From a blue velvet to a mustard yellow leather, a colorful sofa instantly lifts the energy in a room. If you’re looking to add a dose of style, choosing a colorful sofa is the perfect way to do so without altering all your other decor. In this post, we’ll look at how to style a colorful sofa to make it stand out or blend in according to your personal tastes.

black and white rug

Decorate with Black and White  

One way to make your sofa stand out as the main character is to stick to a black and white color scheme. A black and white geometric patterned rug, artwork, upholstery, and throw pillows will contrast neatly with a bright red or blue sofa. By bringing together the bold color of your sofa with classic black and white accents, you’ll create a modern and stylish look that will wow guests.

Embrace Maximalism

On the other hand, if you love a maximalist aesthetic, why not make the whole room a riot of color? Start with your boldly colored sofa and match the wallpaper, lampshades and other accents to its vibrant hue. If you’re using multiple colors, make sure that they are complementary and spread evenly throughout the room so that it doesn’t look too chaotic.

Maximalist Decor
Monochromatic Living Room

Go Monochromatic 

Monochrome styling is perfect for those who prefer a calmer approach to color. To create this scheme, pick one color for your sofa and use different shades of that same hue in the rest of your room. For example, you could pick a pastel blue sofa and add different shades of blue, such as teal and navy blue, as accents in the room. With this color palette, you can bring texture and pattern into the room with some throw pillows, artwork, and other decorations.

Embrace Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern style is known for its clean lines, geometric shapes and warm colors like orange, brown, yellow, and olive green. All you need to do to nail this style is bring in a sofa in any of these colors and add other mid-century pieces to the room, like a bar cart or wishbone chair. By embracing this style, you can bring a touch of color without compromising on elegance.

Mid-Century Modern Living Room
Jewel Toned Furniture

Go Luxe with Jewel Tones

Inherently luxurious, jewel tones are a very popular choice for creating a sumptuous living space. There’s a reason we’ve all come across an emerald green sofa before – it’s trending because it’s so inviting in both color and texture. You can even use patterned upholstery, like we did on this sofa to bring together multiple jewel tones that complement the blue chair. When decorating with jewel tones, we recommend incorporating gold accents to further heighten the luxe factor.

Visit Our Design Center to Create a Custom Sofa

A colorful sofa is the perfect centerpiece for a stylish living room, so don’t be afraid to take risks and go for the color you love. Whether you choose to make the whole room colorful or to pair your sofa with black and white, it will undoubtedly bring a unique flair to your space. Stop by our design center to browse through our upholstery selection to create a custom sofa that’s perfect for your home.

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