How to Turn Your Beach House into a Home

Living alongside the coastline is one of the best things about owning a beach property. Whether you’re right on the water or tucked away, all coastal beach homes carry a certain charm unlike any other house. If you’re looking to switch up your style to make your beach house feel more like home, check out some of our style tips below!

Beach home guest bedroom with a patterned rug

Patterned Rugs

A patterned rug is a staple inside any coastal home. Not only do they add texture and style to the space, but they also bring liveliness to any room without getting rid of that clean, sophisticated look. No matter your style, GDC Home carries a wide selection of one of a kind rugs with a variety of textures and colors to match the personality of your space. Versatility is key in creating a visually appealing home, and adding a patterned rug is one of the easiest ways to change up your look.

Add Shiplap

Although previously popular for the exterior of sheds and other buildings, shiplap has become a stylish wall choice for the interior of homes. Shiplap can bring indoor walls to the next level by adding an instant pop of visual creativity. As a bonus, installing shiplap won’t break the bank. Consider choosing a wall space in the kitchen or living room to convert to shiplap and paint it a fresh coat of white to elevate the texture of your beach home’s walls.

Carefully Considered Upholstery

Adding upholstery to your beach house furniture can help with those inevitable messes from the outdoor coastal environment. Consider adding slipcovers to sofas and couches for ease of care, maintenance, and washability.

If slipcovers aren’t your style, Crypton fabric is another perfect solution. With its practical stain-resistant and odor-repelling properties, Crypton is designed to complement your life.

Don’t discount leather in lighter colors, either. Although this material may not be traditional for a beach home, it can add an air of sophistication without overwhelming the carefree style of your beach home decor. Leather is also super easy to clean, and it provides a break from traditional fabrics.

Painting of a beach

Beach-Themed Wall Art

Any coastal bungalow deserves the appropriate beach wall art. If you’re living near the water, you have the privilege of showcasing beautiful coastal artwork in a setting that feels inherently natural. Take advantage of this by adding those blissful blues or soft turquoise waters onto your wall.

Beach home living room with bright accent pillows

Pops of Color

Neutral tones are popular inside any home, but adding pops of color throughout are perfect ways to spruce it up! Some easy ways to add a little more color are through decorative pillows, throw blankets, lamp bases or shades, curtains, or even small decorative objects. Beach homes are known to be sophisticated and classic, but adding these touches of color can help make you feel more at home. We recommend trying out Pantone’s color of the year: classic blue. This color embodies tranquility and comfort, making it the perfect shade to incorporate coastal touches into your space.

You may not be staying in your beach house year round, so when you check back in, be sure to add some fresh flowers to your space to make it feel like home. These will brighten up any room and add a small pop of color throughout your vacation home.

Plants in a woven basket

Add Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are easy to maintain and they still provide the tranquility that house plants have to offer, without the hassle of getting a neighbor to take care of them for you when you’re away. They will instantly brighten up the space and are a fresh way to welcome you back to your beach bungalow!

Woven Baskets

Woven baskets throughout the space are also the perfect small touch to amplify the coastal vibes of your home. Their intricate design yet sophisticated and simple look are the perfect storage option for items around the house, like beach towels, sunscreen, and sunglasses. Use them as laundry baskets or to store board games and puzzles after game night. Woven basket materials like rattan, grasses, or bamboo bring outdoor coastal elements straight into your home and add a positive beach ambiance to the space.

A beach house signifies tranquility and sophistication, but sometimes it can be hard to make this elegant space feel like your personalized home. Now that we’ve provided some of our best tips to transform your beach house into a comfortable living space, let us help you choose all the elements you may need. Check out all our inventory online and schedule a design consultation to get professional help with transforming your coastal property!

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