6 Actionable Tips for Adding Color to your Space

Neutral colors and walls are integral in good home design; however, if you don’t plan your decor properly, you may be left with a fairly bland looking space. If you have found yourself in such a predicament, don’t panic! There are many ways to add pops of color to your space to complement clean, neutral design schemes. Check out our top six actionable tips for doing just that:

1. Add a Colorful Rug

A colorful rug can both add dimension and hide stains within a space! Something as simple as adding a runner in a room can add a unique aesthetic touch while integrate vibrant colors.


2. Incorporate Flowers and Plants

Flowers and plants can add color to a monotonous space while enhancing the air quality at the same time! If you were not born with a natural green thumb, use fresh cut flowers instead. Mix and match from your local grocer, keep is simple and stay in the same color family.


Julia Lynn Photography

3. Add Throw Pillows with Color

If design elements were your friends, then throw pillows would be some of your closest confidants. Including throw pillows in your design scheme is an excellent way to integrate patterns, bold colors and enhance your design theme.

Julia Lynn Photography

4. Integrate Bold Lamps & Vases

Groupings of like-colored vases and lamps can add a bold and impactful appeal to your space. This can also be a great way to implement subtle patterns and height variations for a more eclectic design aesthetic.


Julia Lynn Photography

6. Select a Colorful Statement Piece

A single (or double, as pictured below) saturated piece of furniture can add a poignant pop of color to your space. You can also select a bold pattern as an alternative for an interesting design twist.


GDC; All images ©Julia Lynn
GDC; All images ©Julia Lynn

7. Add Colorful Wall Art

Get artsy with your walls by selecting paintings, prints and imagery with bold, saturated hues. Shake things up with complementary furniture and decor or maintain simplistic surrounding textiles and furniture to provide a gallery-like appeal.


Julia Lynn Photography

Julia Lynn Photography


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