Matouk has been creating luxury linens for almost 100 years, allowing them to perfect the process behind producing top quality European linens. John Matouk developed his workmanship skill in Syria, Italy and China and began Matouk & Co when he moved to the United States in 1929. This company built their roots in high-quality products, dependable practices and innovation that they still utilizes today.

As generations continued, Matouk remains family oriented and George Matouk Jr. practices the lessons he learned from his father and grandfather today in order to maintain top quality products. Matouk has gone from table linens during WWII, to a full-service textile service now offered at GDC.

This company has been able to keep up with technology by implementing new methods with their artisans, but also keeping traditional techniques around that make exceptional linens. This company is also focused on minimizing environmental impact and is always seeking new ways to save energy, which makes them a favorite here at GDC.

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