LEE Industries

LEE Industries started as 7500 square foot factory in Newton, North Carolina back in 1969. Bill and Dottie Coley opened their company with just 10 people and got right to work crafting wood-framed upholstered pieces. LEE industries took off when Chic Robinson joined their team in 1972 and took this furniture company to a whole new level, eventually expanding to four manufacturing plants and becoming a leader in environmentally friendly pieces of furniture.

Coming up on their 50th anniversary, LEE has expanded their product lines to include more than just wood-framed upholstered pieces. They now carry leather, machine washable slipcovers, outdoor furniture and of course the naturalLEE line. This company also loves to encourage communities to shop local, as they recently created the LEE Loves Local campaign, which promotes finding LEE products at your local retailers, such as GDC.

From the beginning, LEE Industries set out a goal to create innovative and high quality pieces for the home, while also focusing immensely on their customers, community and of course the environment. Come in and check out the pieces we offer by LEE industries in the store today.

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