John Robshaw

John Robshaw found his inspiration while traveling around the world and studying various cultures and their fabrics. It all began when Robshaw was studying traditional block printing in China, which led him to explore India where he fell in love with local artisans traditional methods to making fabric.

He created his signature look studying various prints, where he evolved into his inspiring step-by-step block printing techniques. Robshaw blends traditional styles and techniques with is own creative process. When Robshaw is traveling, looking for further inspiration his goal is to see as many new textiles, architecture and art as physically possible.

From pops of color to neutral patterns, John Robshaw creates truly unique pieces that are sure to start up conversation. His work has been featured on HGTV, Architectural Digest, Vogue and even Elle Decor. Come take a look at what we offer in store by John Robshaw.

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